PERI UP reinforcement scaffolding

Flexible work scaffolding for construction site activities such as reinforcement, forming and concreting

The reinforcement framework from the PERI UP scaffolding construction kit is created exclusively from economical core components and is ideal for daily construction site activities such as reinforcing, forming and concreting (load classes 1 to 3). The reinforcement framework is available with a base width of 150 cm or 250 cm and with construction variants of up to three fields in the longitudinal direction. The continuous, flat covering surfaces without annoying gaps contribute to a high level of safety when working on the formwork. Thanks to the tensile connections, large scaffolding units can be moved by crane.




  • Application

    No ballast or anchoring is necessary.

  • Assembly

    The leading railing ensures safe installation.

  • transport

    The reinforcement framework can be moved by crane using standard poles.

Applications at a glance

PERI UP reinforcement scaffolding in use

  • In conjunction with the MAXIMO, the PERI UP reinforcement scaffolds also have an accelerating effect on the construction process: when cleaning the formwork, carrying out the reinforcement work and connecting the closing formwork that can be implemented over large areas.
  • PERI UP reinforcement scaffolds are designed as moving units that can be moved by crane.
  • The reinforcement scaffolding, which is over 10 m high, can also be placed in the correct position using the crane.

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