Hotel Marques de Riscal, Elciego, Spain - The PERI UP Rosett modular scaffold allowed optimal adjustment to the complicated building geometry.

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PERI project - water retaining structures - Foz Tua Dam, Vila Real – Alijó, Portugal
Gravity dam Barrage Koudiat Acerdoune, Algeria - The 57° inclined run-off channel bottom plate and intermediate walls were constructed with concreting cycle heights of 2.40 m.
Midfield Terminal Building, Abu Dhabi - The Midfield Terminal Complex is the ultimate in construction sites.
Nile river barrage Naga Hammadi, Egypt - The variable VARIO girder wall formwork, together with SKS climbing scaffold, formed large area transportable units.
Lock facilities, Panama Canal, Panama - More than 12 months after starting the development work on the Panama Canal, the dimensions and the massive structural elements are clearly visible.
Sewage plant As Samra, Jordan - With the selected PERI formwork and scaffolding systems, the construction team was able to cost-effectively fulfil all requirements in spite of the tight construction schedule. The solutions developed by PERI engineers and the local site management, along with support provided by PERI specialists, contributed to efficient and problem-free construction.
120 m long walls poured with TRIO wall formwork in one continuous pour
Sheikh Khalifa Bridge, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - The large spans in the middle bridge sections were concreted by means of the balanced cantilever method.
Tunnel Jumeirah Palm Island, Dubai, United Arab Emirates - In 25 m long concreting steps and four cycle sequences, the tunnel bottom plate, two wall sections respectively and then the slab could be concreted one after the other.
Zahid Business Park
Warsaw Spire - With a height of 220 m, the new office tower of the "Warsaw Spire" building ensemble will be the tallest office building in Warsaw after completion. Two office buildings flank the tower, each 55 m high.
21st Century Tower, Dubai, United Arab Emirates - The RCS climbing protection panel complete encloses the upper floors under construction and provides protection against wind and weather - and increases productivity.
PERI UP shoring system used at various heights supporting the slab formwork
Absolute World, Missisauga, Canada - One climbing system – two climbing methods: with protection provided by the RCS climbing protection panel, the two twisting Absolute World towers rose steadily upwards in regular weekly cycles.
Flexible scaffolding system for finishing works
Al Hamra Tower, Kuwait City, Kuwait - Already during the construction phase, the Al Hamra Tower stood out through its timeless elegance which was achieved by turning the external facade by 130 degrees.
PERI Façade scaffold for this project
pd8-shoring-special-formwork-solution-for any-complex-structure
Avala TV Tower, Belgrade, Serbia - The perfectly adapted shoring and working scaffold optimally supplemented the cost-effective formwork solution.
Part of the 80,000 sqm slab to be poured using PERI SKYDECK, the lightweight slab formwork.
The new headquarters of the environmental company Bee'ah is currently being realized according to the plans of the famous architect Zaha Hadid. The design of the futuristic building with its complex structure is based on the shape of a sand dune. (Source:
Cuatro Torres Business Area, Madrid, Spain - For the very wide range of requirements, PERI provided the most cost-effective solution with the ACS self-climbing formwork.
Evolution Tower, Moscow, Russia - Inclined and crane-independently climbed RCS protection panel units provide here a very high level of safety.
Hotel Mélia, La Défense, Paris, France - For the construction of the Hotel Meliá in the "La Défense" office district, PERI developed a comprehensive climbing formwork solution. This serves not only as an enclosure, which ensures the safety of the construction teams at all times, but also it supports the precast parapets during erection.
Il Bosco Verticale, Milan, Italy - Massive, 28 cm thick reinforced concrete balconies cantilever outwards for 3.35 m in an irregular fashion on all four sides of the building.
ISET Tower, Yekaterinburg, Russia - The ISET Tower in Yekaterinburg is characterized by its external shape. PERI planned a comprehensive, crane-independent concept of the climbing formwork required on the elevator shafts and core walls, as well as the climbing protection panel on the building´s outer edges.
JKG Tower, Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur - A complete solution consisting of formwork, scaffolding and related services has guaranteed safety at all heights and rapid progress during the construction of JKG Tower complex.
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore - The American Las Vegas Sands Corporation is the owner of the complex the highly visible hotel towers.
Porta Nuova Garibaldi, Milan, Italy - Each of the two towers has three reinforced concrete cores which were constructed with help of two PERI ACS self-climbing variants.
Prosta Tower, Warsaw, Poland - The PERI UP scaffolding extended upwards on the outside keeping pace with the construction progress.
RONDO 1, Warsaw, Poland - The PERI CPP climbing protection panel reliably encloses the upper floors under construction.
South Quay Plaza
Temple of Divine Providence, Warsaw, Poland - With the help of the PERI UP Rosett modular scaffold system, 24-metre high shoring was erected at the main entrance of the temple. Even at large heights, up to 40 kN per leg could be safely and reliably transferred.
Torre Agbar, Barcelona, Spain - The cylindrical core and facade walls of this 142 m high office building were constructed with PERI ACS self-climbing technology.
Trump International Hotel & Tower, Chicago, USA - With a height of 415 m, the Trump International Hotel and Tower on the Chicago River is a very impressive skyscraper.
Within a 2-3 year period, a total of 86,400 flights are simulated which is three times the expected service life. The PERI UP working scaffold allows test preparations as well as continuous measurement and inspection work to be carried out during the EF-2 testing phase.
Albian Sands, Fort McMurray, Canada - Through the planning and supply of formwork and scaffolding from one source, the MULTIFLEX slab formwork and PERI UP shoring could be perfectly matched.
Cement plant Ivano-Frankowsk, Ukraine - For extending the cement plant, engineers from PERI Ukraine designed a comprehensive and sophisticated formwork and scaffolding solution.
Eemshaven Power Plant, Netherlands - For the power plant construction in Eemshaven, the industrial scaffold system PERI UP has clearly demonstrated its flexibility and adaptability.
Exhibition centre Bilbao, Spain - For the construction of the Bilbao Exhibition Centre, PERI engineers developed a practical movable falsework and formwork solution.
Grain Silo near Parma, Italy - Cost-effective PERI climbing concept: with a complete platform level and halved on-site wall formwork requirements, fast and continuous working operations were achieved.
LNG liquid gas reservoirs, Cameron, USA - In the US state of Louisiana, three enormous liquid gas tanks were simultaneously realized using PERI know-how. Each of the structures has an 80 m diameter and a wall height of 44 m.
Los Ramones II Pipeline, San Luis Potosi, Mexico
Power plant Belchatow, Poland - The two-storey supporting structure, with a height of 25 metres, accommodates the sorption installation for the flue gas desulphurisation.
Stanari Thermal Power Station, Doboj, Bosnia-Herzegovina - A total of 9 circular piers with 3.60 m diameters and 40 cm wall thicknesses will subsequently carry a steel platform for the condenser.
LGS Weather Protection Roof from PERI, the lattice girder system for weather protection, rain protection, snow protection, hail protection.
Motorway bridge over the Rio Sordo, Vila Real, Portugal - The 2.00 m wide shoring scaffold sections are connected longitudinally by means of heavy-duty spindles and push-pull props to form shoring towers.

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