PERI UP Flex Stair Steel 100,125: For high requirements regarding load bearing capacity and accessibility.

PERI UP Flex Stair 100 / 125

Site stairs for high load-bearing and accessibility requirements

The PERI UP Steel staircases are assembled using stringers and individual stair treads. The 10-legged stair tower with heights of up to 50 m is designed for a load of up to 3.0 kN/m². With 100 cm or 125 cm step widths and separate landings, the site staircase is ideally suited for large numbers of users.

PERI UP Flex Stair 100 / 125 in action

  • High load-bearing capacity

    Designed for loads of 3.00 kN/m² for a run of staircase and landing of 20 m.


    Project: Rolls Royce

  • Erection without the use of tools

    The lightweight individual steps are quickly installed: they interlock during assembly and secure automatically.


    Project: Thames Valley, Victoria Embankment

  • PERI UP Flex Stair Steel 100,125: Site personnel meeting on the Site Staricase Steel 100 can easily pass each other.
    With conveniently-sized widths

    Sufficient space for site personnel to pass each other, transporting materials and evacuating injured persons.

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