Yard II

Ready To Use (RTU) Services

RTU Services at your project site.

Our PERI RTU Team can support your project for wall, column and table formwork requirement.


Benefits of our customers?

With less complicated installation as well supporting cost saving and consistent quality.

  • RTU-Services
    • Installation - Pre-assembled shutters are simplified for installation on site, often requiring only basic tools and minimal time.
    • Cost saving - Supports reduced labor costs due to quicker and simpler installation on site.
    • Consistent quality - Pre-assembly RTU ensures consistent, quality workmanship.
    • Time efficiency - With minimized need for on-site assembly, the installation process is significantly faster.
    • Durability - Constructed under controlled conditions in our DIC yard, pre-assembled shutters are built according to the highest PERI standards.
    • Space Saving - Tailor made solutions designed to save space on site with limited assembly working areas.