The Link
London, United Kingdom

The Link is one of many residential buildings in central London undergoing remediation since the new building regulations regarding cladding were brought into action. PERI provided access across 10 levels and outperformed estimated tube and fitting assembly time by 12 weeks.





The Project


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Default Person
Shaun Somerton
Director, Assemble Scaffold Solutions Ltd
Normally we're averaging about 10 to 13 sq m a day to install independent scaffolds with tube and fitting. With the PERI UP Easy system, we were able to erect 35 to even 40 sq m a day, making all the difference to prelims and other project costs. The splay plates in the PERI UP range worked perfectly to accommodate the curved façade, allowing us to achieve a nice flush finish at the front of the building which was important considering the site's busy location. The way the plates could be adapted and erected around corners is actually unique and something I've not seen anywhere else.
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