Mausoleum Michniów, Poland

  • Building concept which symbolizes a traditional village hut that loses its original form and crumbles into dust over time
  • Special architecture with numerous offsets and inclinations in the walls and roof

Architect: Mirosław Nizio, Nizio Design International, Warszawa, Poland

Firma Budowlana „Anna Bud“ Sp. z o.o.

Bilcza, Morawica, Poland

  • Benefits
    Cost-effective solution for forming the complex architecture
  • Benefits
    Just-in-time delivery of materials
  • Benefits
    High-quality solution and good concrete surface results
  • Benefits
    Efficient working operations with PERI system formwork

The Project

Impressions from the project process

Project Information

Default Person
Default Person
Rafał Adamski
Project Manager
Thanks to the professional collaboration and technical support from PERI which was already provided in the planning phase, the building could be formed and concreted quickly and easily in spite of its complex design.

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