PD 5 Rendering

PD 5 Shoring System

Versatile support with a low number of additional components

PD 5 is predestined for the use as a shoring system in the medium load-bearing capacity range up to 55 kN per leg. The powder-coated frame system particularly demonstrates its benefits in combination with slab formwork with VT 20 or GT 24 girders and beams.

The height of the PD 5 Shoring System can be adjusted continuously for shoring towers and slab tables on account of the sophisticated supporting frame construction. Its carefully considered details, small number of individual components, and low weight ensure safe assembly. Beams can also be realised in no time with just a few additional components. The components are adapted to suit the system grid of the PERI UP modular construction kit, allowing you to integrate decking or ledgers from PERI UP Flex.

What’s more, it is even possible to achieve a load-bearing capacity of up to 47.2 kN per leg even at a height of 9.65 m and a total spindle extension of 0.65 m. Thus, the number of required shoring towers is minimised depending on the structural conditions. You can save material on your construction site. Assembly and dismantling work can take place either vertically or horizontally. You can even transport the system safely by crane or on a trolley with winch unit.

PD 5 Shoring System in action

Your benefits at a glance
  • PD 5 III

    Maximum flexibility of use thanks to quick and continuous height adjustment with only two frame sizes.

  • PD 5 I

    Quick assembly thanks to clever details and only a small number of individual parts.

  • PD 5 IV

    Can be set up vertically or in a lying position.

  • PD 5 II

    Simple and safe handling on account of a low component weight and the sophisticated frame design.

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