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Al Jaddaf Building - Dubai, UAE

Project data

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Mixed use building
  • 11 floors + Gym
  • 4-level parking


  • Flexible scaffolding system for finishing works
  • Easily adaptable to building's changing structure
  • High-load bearing capacity at 70 meters high


KSS Building Contracting

Customer's benefit

  • Safety on site for all personnel
  • Assembly of ledgers from safe position with no danger to worker
  • Gravity lock that is automatically dropping to secure the ledger
  • Slip-resistant deck surface
Al Jaddaf Building
Ahmed Kamel
General Manager

"The scaffolding system offered by PERI on our project proved to be very efficient in many areas. We noticed that the progress we made with PERI UP on site was quick mainly due to its lightweight feature and the fact that it is a comprehensive system, which saved us the hassle of acquiring different components from different suppliers. Safety is another feature of PERI UP that was particularly important for our team on site to allow them to have a safe working environment."

PERI solution

  • PERI UP Flex Façade Scaffold
  • Lengths adjustable in 25 cm increments 
  • Safety guaranteed with an integrated lock system

PERI systems in use