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Bee'ah Headquarter

Basic panels complete assembly with PERI UP shoring system and special solution
PERI  UP shoring supporting the basic panels at the last pouring stage
Basic panels being assembled simultaneously from both sides
Curved walls casted with VARIO GT24 wall system
First shells being installed on one side of the dome
Shells being prepared for installation on right side of the dome
Special PERI solution with basic panels at stage one
Circular basic panels assembled on all stages
The main Dome being built with PERI UP scaffolding and working platforms
PERI UP is used to reach the top of the Dome at 15.3m high
Finalizing the top of the Dome with PERI special and customized panels
Customized box-outs offered for this special structure of the main Dome

Project data

Location: Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

  • 7,000 m2 Headquarters building located on a 90,000 m2 site
  • Complicated dune shaped structures
  • Curved walls
  • Main dome with complex geometry
  • Dome dimensions: L23m x W17m x H15.3m


  • Strict requirements for fairfaced concrete finish
  • Customized solution for the main dome formwork
  • Strict requirements for fair-faced concrete finish
  • Tight tolerance and strict requirements
  • Strong and flexible shoring system to support heights up to 15.3 m


Al Futtaim Carillion

Customer's benefit

  • Successful pouring cycles
  • High quality of concrete finish
  • Uniform pattern of the plywood joints, tie holes and screw heads
  • Left and right side of the dome were casted simultaneously in 4 different pouring stages
  • The panels were individually cut and faced with high quality Wisa plywood sheets

PERI solution

  • VARIO GT24 for the curved walls
  • Special pre-assembled box-out panels for the main dome
  • Individually unique curved panels supported by VARIO GT24
  • PERI UP scaffolding system used to support the formwork internally 
  • PERI UP scaffolding system used as working platform externally