MULTIPROP Aluminium Slab Props

MULTIPROP Aluminium Slab Props: Used as a cost-saving lightweight individual prop and cost-effective shoring tower
The integrated measuring tape allows exact adjustment of the PERI Multiprop
19.50 m high MULTIPROP towers as shoring with SKYDECK slab formwork for a cantilevered slab.
MULTIPROP Post Shores: The free-running collar makes adjustment extremely easy. The inner tube is released and extended at a touch of the finger.
MULTIPROP Post Shores: The MULTIPROP thread is self-cleaning and the free-running collar does not jam, even when dirty.
For erection of a tower, MULTIPROP frames are mounted using the captive wedge.


MULTIPROP slab props are used as individual props and – in combination with MULTIPROP frames – as shoring towers or load towers under tables. Compared with tubular steel slab props, the aluminium MULTIPROP carries significantly higher loads (up to 90 kN) whilst, at the same time, has a very low dead weight. With different frame lengths, square or rectangular shoring towers can be optimally adapted to suit individual construction site conditions. The frames also serve as platform beams and side protection for working levels.

Reduced number of props
due to the high permissible leg loads of up to 90 kN

Well thought-out details
with self-cleaning thread, trendsetting Adjusting Nut and continuous adjustability

Time-saving length adjustment
due to the integrated measuring tape on the inner tube which shows the complete length of the prop

Practical wedge connection
for the MRK Frames completely without any time-consuming bolted connections

Technical Details

  • Aluminium slab props with powder coating for transferring vertical loads particularly under slab formwork; as shoring tower with frames for transferring vertical loads over great heights
  • Leg loads up to 90 kN in accordance with the type test
  • Max. type-tested assembly height (shoring tower with MRK Frames): 14.40 m or 14.90 m (with Base Plate MP 50)
  • Building authority approved
  • Prop lengths: up to 1.20 m | 2.50 m | 3.50 m | 4.80 m | 6.25 m
  • Steel MRK Frames are available in the following sizes: 62.5 cm | 75 cm | 90 cm | 120 cm | 137.5 cm | 150 cm
  • Aluminium MRK Frames are available in the following sizes: 201.5 cm | 225 cm | 230 cm | 237 cm | 266 cm | 296 cm
  • Continuous thread for infifinite adjustment of the prop height without pegging
  • Adjustment range of up to 2.20 m (MP 480)
  • Provides 36 mm of adjustment with every turn of the nut
  • Anti-dropout device prevents the inner tube from accidentally slipping out

Shoring Prop

Aluminium slab props – low weight with high load capacity

MULTIPROP slab props are made of aluminium which means they are very light, e.g. the MP 350 weighs only 19.40 kg. With its extension lengths from 1.95 – 3.50 m 90% of standard operations in building construction can be covered. Ingeniously designed details ensure a long service life.

The cleverly-designed profile made of aluminium alloy absorbs impacts elastically, e.g. when a prop falls over. Material selection and design are perfectly matched. The MULTIPROP thread is self-cleaning and the free-running collar does not jam, even when dirty.

MULTIPROP slab props MP 250, 350, 480 and 625 are officially approved by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik in Berlin (No. Z-8.312-824).

Technical Details

Lengths, weights and maximum load capacities 
MP 120 (0.80 – 1.20 m) 10.10 kg; 78.5 kN
MP 250 (1.45 – 2.50 m) 15.40 kg; 78.5 kN
MP 350 (1.95 – 3.50 m) 19.40 kg: 91.0 kN
MP 480 (2.60 – 4.80 m) 24.80 kg: 88.5 kN
MP 625 (4.30 – 6.25 m) 34.60 kg: 57.9 kN

Further technical details

  • Built-in measuring tape
  • Continuous, self-cleaning, quadruple thread
  • Nut with 4 robust lowering cams
  • Possibility of using tie rod
  • Outer tube ECC powder coated
  • Profile is solid and elastic = very robust
  • Anti-pinch safety device integrated in the system
  • Wide range of accessories: Prop connector; frame MRK; tilting forkhead MKK and tilting base MKF


Efficient underneath tables or as shoring tower

Connected with MRK frames, the MULTIPROP slab props are used under tables or as shoring towers. Leg loads of up to 90 kN allow cost effective transfer of loads. The MULTIPROP frames facilitate optimal customization on the construction site (regardless whether a square or rectangular assembly grid). The MULTIPROP frame can be used as a platform beam and side protection when assembling a working scaffold.

The MULTIPROP profile allows quick and easy assembly with the frames. The same frame can be connected to either the outer or the inner tube without changing the prop spacing (system spacing). The wedge is just hammered home into the frame’s coupling. Special tools are not required. Towers can be pre-assembled flat on the ground

Technische Details

  • High Load bearing capacity up to 90 kN and low weight of all components
  • The PERI MULTIPROP Frames can be mounted both the outer and inner tube
  • Built-in measuring tape
  • The MULTIPROP frame can be used as a platform beam
  • Optimized adjustment to the building: High load utilization through different frame sizes (12 frame sizes)
  • Frame sizes: MRK 62,5/75/90/120/137,5/150 (Steel) MRK 201,5/225/230/237/266/296 (Aluminum)
  • Weight: MP350=19.40 kg Frame=max.14.80 kg
  • 75 type-tested diagrams
  • Spindle/ lowering flexibility: MP350 lowering=155 cm MP480 lowering=220 cm
  • Special accessories: Frames (Height 50 cm) suitable for supporting and guardrails. Decks 150 x 60 and 225 x 60 with and without hatch.