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High-level system scaffolding solutions for work safety

Apr 9, 2018

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Apr 9, 2018
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Circular Tank Refurbishment, Chemical Park, Bitterfeld-Wolfen

For renovation work carried out on a circular tank, a PERI UP scaffolding solution – weather protection roof, support and internal scaffolding – was realized through the use of a completely free-standing support structure.

The 10,000 m³ brine tank in the Bitterfeld Chemical Park, with a height of 13.50 m and 32 m in diameter, had to be recoated and thus given reliable protection against corrosion. The work was carried out independent of weather conditions with full protection provided by a free-standing LGS Weather Protection Roof from PERI. This spanned the otherwise open circular container with an enormous span of 36.50 m. Both the support scaffolding for the roof along with the 13 m high working scaffold for the interior were to be realized as free-standing structures without any anchoring.

Jointly developed scaffolding concept

The basis for awarding the contract was a jointly developed scaffolding solution that fully met the stringent safety requirements in industrial construction – with a high level of work safety. For the circular scaffolding construction, 33 scaffold bays were polygonally arranged – and connected on the wall side to form a ring using 3.00 m long ledgers whilst every third bay was stabilized by means of bracing ribs. Scaffold assembly was carried out exclusively with PERI UP Flex system components without the use of time-consuming tube and coupler connections. In particular, the use of system-supported bridging boards ensured safe working areas without any tripping hazards.

Safety was also the top priority with the LGS roofing. Thus, the roof could be safely opened without any problems during the 16-week service life in order to lift the internal scaffold out of the tank by means of a mobile crane for clearing and coating the bottom of the tank. The integrated walkways made it possible to access the Keder sheeting and ledgers of the roof construction so that the LGS roof units could be telescopically retracted as required.

PERI UP Flex Weather Protection Roof LGS

The PERI UP Flex LGS Weather Protection Roof reduces the effects of the weather such as frost, rain or snow thereby enhancing work safety levels as well as the quality of the work carried out. The LGS system has been designed for large spans and high loads, and provides a high degree of safety during both assembly and use. Optionally, integrated walkways along the truss segments allow low-risk work operations on the roof segments, for example, when pulling in the sheeting or quick temporary opening and closing of the roof surface. Additional personal protective equipment to prevent falling (PPE) is not required.

Standard elements of the LGS Lattice Girder System not only form the basis for a wide range of weather protection roof forms with the help of which wide-span working platforms and temporary pedestrian bridges can also be mounted. The LGS system is used in particular where pedestrian traffic should flow unhindered whereby construction sites, roads or railway lines are easily negotiated. In addition, working platforms can be realized at great heights - with fixed supports or movable by means of a carriage on aluminium rails.